community outreach

DEC is Community

Defend East County has existed as a civil defence group.  Our goal is to defend our town from organizations that seek to destroy, loot, burn and incite civil unrest for its residents.

We are also committed to serving the community.  Whether it be rescuing animals to adopting families during the Holidays, DEC will always be Community.

Essentials to family in need

DEC will be taking donations to help aid a family who's newborn son is having major heart complications.  Being a single mother can be hard especially during these times, but on top of that her newborn son will be in the hospital for months to fix his heart defect.  DEC will be collecting: fast food cards, gas cards, essentials for travel, toiletries, etc...

adopt a family

DEC adopted two families for the Holidays this year.  Fellow community residents donated over $1,5000.00 in gifts.

Men in pink carwash

DEC raised over $2,500 dollars for the family of Niki Hopkins, a local mother who passed away due to breast cancer.  DEC hosted a car wash in her honor where our DEC men dressed up in pink and in tutus to draw in a crowd.

DEC in the Community

The American Spectator

In Defense of Community Defense Groups

In one California county, residents turn to privately organized community groups for defense and support.

David Harris Jr.

"San Diego is not Portland!"

“San Diego Is NOT Portland!” – HUNDREDS Of Police and Angry Citizens Face Off With ANIFA Terrorists.